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How Foundation Training can help you

Foundation Training is a series of body weight exercises designed to correct destructive movement patterns and postures that our bodies have adopted due to our heavily seated lifestyles. Spending our lives sitting hunched over screens, steering wheels and phones has weakened our bodies leaving us vulnerable to unnecessary injury and pain.


By practising these exercises your body will learn how to properly support itself in good postures and move itself in correct patterns. This is not a temporary fix but a systematic solution that, if learned and practised correctly, will correct posture and provide a long-term cure for back pain without heavy-handed medical intervention. The improvements in muscular strength, flexibility and power to be gained from this programme are staggering and by practising these exercises you will improve performance in any given activity from running and cycling to golf, rugby and football.

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Dr. Eric Goodman

Dr. Eric Goodman is a chiropractor and movement expert and developed Foundation Training to heal his own chronic back pain and avoid surgery for multiple disc herniations.  He, and his growing team of instructors, have helped transform the lives of thousands of people who have been suffering from mild to severe back, hip, knee, shoulder, neck pain.  Listen to Eric talk about Foundation Training here: