What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body’s natural order and put YOU at the centre of your health. It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended. It was developed by chiropractor and movement expert, Dr Eric Goodman, to heal his own chronic back pain. Having refused spinal fusion surgery prescribed to him by several doctors, he managed to get himself out of pain within a year. Now, years later, Dr Goodman leads an active, pain free life and has developed an incredible series of exercises to help others do the same.


Thousands of people who were in pain with anything from sore knees and failing hips to bad backs and painful shoulders, have discovered remarkable healing through Foundation Training. The power of decompression and the restoration of correct movement make this programme a natural and effective alternative to heavy-handed medical intervention.


This programme is not a temporary remedy, but a systematic solution that offers long-term benefits. Practicing Foundation Training enables one to reach, achieve and experience incredible health and wellness.


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Certified and trained in the USA by Dr Eric Goodman.


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Personalised instruction and life-changing results (Face-to-Face & Online).


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Latest News

I’m not long into this book but I can already tell it’s going to be a great read.

For anyone who struggles with lung/breathing conditions, who snores (or who has a partner who does!) or who has asthma - please give this a read. It’s incredible what learning to breathe properly can do for your health and how much harm poor breathing can do to our bodies.

It sounds all a bit far fetched but by ready this book you’ll see that it’s underpinned by legitimate science!

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Did you know that your feet have 30 joints - 33 including your ankle?

Joints are designed to allow structures to move. When we wear stiff, uneven and tight modern footwear, we are instantly disrupting this natural mechanical process of the foot. By compressing feet this way, we create an instant unbalance in the body where movement usually addressed at the foot suddenly has to travel up the chain like your knees, hips or back.

Going barefoot and freeing your feet gives them a chance to create space and natural movement. Remember joints are meant to move.

If you want to find out more about going barefoot or if you are struggling with musculoskeletal pain, please contact us to find out more:
📩 info@ftinstructors.co.uk
👥 Foundation Training Instructors: Scotland

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The Scottish Government and Aberdeen Council have announced today a local lockdown to stop another peak of Covid-19 cases in the area. Due to this announcement, the Aberdeen studio will reclose and all sessions will resume online.
We apologise for any inconvenience but we aim to keep the safety to our clients at this time.
Stay well!
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The Brachial Plexus is a bundle of nerves that branches off the spinal chord at the neck (yellow lines). The nerves gather together and run through the ‘space’ underneath the collar bone and in front of the shoulder.

This ‘space’ is a small area for so many nerve branches to pass through and is unfortunately also an area that commonly becomes compressed in modern life.

Modern life causes our shoulders to roll forwards and our chests (and collar bones) to drop. This posture compresses the Brachial Plexus causing a collection of problems.

🔸Shoulder, back and neck pain
🔸Frozen shoulder
🔸Tennis & Golfers elbow
🔸Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

To treat these conditions at the root cause, Foundation Training teaches you how to create space, taking the compression off the nerves by:

A) correcting the posture of the ribcage (and collar bone)
B) correcting the movement patterns of the shoulders

Contact us to find out more:
📩 info@ftinstructors.co.uk
👥 www.facebook.com/ftinstructors

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