What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body’s natural order and put YOU at the centre of your health. It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended. It was developed by chiropractor and movement expert, Dr Eric Goodman, to heal his own chronic back pain. Having refused spinal fusion surgery prescribed to him by several doctors, he managed to get himself out of pain within a year. Now, years later, Dr Goodman leads an active, pain free life and has developed an incredible series of exercises to help others do the same.


Thousands of people who were in pain with anything from sore knees and failing hips to bad backs and painful shoulders, have discovered remarkable healing through Foundation Training. The power of decompression and the restoration of correct movement make this programme a natural and effective alternative to heavy-handed medical intervention.


This programme is not a temporary remedy, but a systematic solution that offers long-term benefits. Practicing Foundation Training enables one to reach, achieve and experience incredible health and wellness.


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Certified and trained in the USA by Dr Eric Goodman.


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Personalised instruction and life-changing results (Face-to-Face & Online).


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1 day ago

Foundation Training Instructors: UK
Client Testimonial ✨"Frustration with conventional 'after the injury' treatments for back pain led me to try Foundation Training. After only a few training sessions, I felt the benefit and was able to return to running which for a time I had thought impossible. It is brilliant to have found a positive, constructive and preventative exercise for my back pain."Morag's story is quite common. Many of our clients have tried countless conventional treatments; however, some offer temporary pain relief, if any at all. Foundation training is innovative and treats pain at the root of the cause. If you feel you could benefit from Foundation Training, get in touch. It really is life-changing.📩 info@ftinstructors.co.uk⁠👥 www.facebook.com/ftinstructors💻www.ftinstructors.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Foundation Training Instructors: UK
We are delighted to be able to offer you a brand new Saturday online class starting this weekend!The wonderfully positive and full-of-energy Jane will be instructing - here’s what she has to say…"Working 9 to 5", as Dolly Parton would sing, describes my lifestyle. I am a typical Monday to Friday office worker, who suffered a bad disc bulge in 2016 as a result of sitting and poor posture. Since then Foundation Training has been my "go to" pain relief and has actually given me the ability to pull myself out of pain completely - it is AMAZING!I was so interested in this "Black Magic" called Foundation Training that I decided to go to NYC in 2018 to do the Instructor certification and learn more about it. Since, then I have continued to practice Foundation Training myself and with my family and friends.Although not my main job (I'm still that office worker!) I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to be able to share the benefits of Foundation Training with you in my new, regular Saturday class - easing you into the weekend!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!"If you’d like to make a positive start to you weekend join Jane on Saturday, head to our website www.ftinstructors.co.uk and take advantage of our donation based booking system.@foundationtraining #foundationtraining #foundationtrainingscotland #saturdayclass #newclass #backpainclass #backpainrelief #painrelief #painreliefexercises #weekendclass #starttheweekenedwell #backpainaberdeen #backpainscotland #backpainuk #exerciseclass #postureimprovement #sciaticarelief #jointpainrelief #breathworkclass #spinaldecompression #strengthenposteriorchain #hiphingingexercises #adductorexercises ... See MoreSee Less
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French Alps Retreat - Save the Date✨It's finally happening - our first Foundation Training retreat!We are so excited to offer you this opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonderful work of Foundation Training for a whole week - and what better place to do it than in the stunning French Alps!In addition to 2 x Foundation Training sessions a day and living in a beautiful alpine chalet, you will have the opportunity to explore the history-rich town of Briançion, where Mora has been based for the last 18 months. Full details will be released soon. But for now, pop the 10th-17th June 2023 in your diary and if you are interested, get in touch as spaces will be limited!📩 info@ftinstructors.co.uk⁠👥 www.facebook.com/ftinstructors💻www.ftinstructors.co.uk ... See MoreSee Less
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Who is Foundation Training for?🤔This is a question we get asked a lot. In short, Foundation Training can benefit everyone. ✨Carefully researched and designed over years of working with top athletes & first responders, Foundation Training provides the building blocks for lifelong fitness, either as a stand-alone program for pain relief or a jumping off point for more advanced exercise.Ask yourself:🔹Do you suffer from pain in your knees, hips, back, shoulders or neck? 🔹Do you play sports and your body is hindering your performance? 🔹Does your posture suffer from modern-day life or your working conditions? 🔹Do you generally just want to live a more enhanced life where your body has the ability to do even the most difficult of tasks or sports?If you can relate to any of the statements above, then Foundation Training is for you! If you want to find out more drop us a DM or an email and one of our team will be happy to help 🙂📩 info@ftinstructors.co.uk⁠👥 www.facebook.com/ftinstructors💻www.ftinstructors.co.uk⁠Photo: Foundation Training ... See MoreSee Less
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Stability vs Mobility The joints in our body can be categorised into either 'more stable' or 'more mobile' areas.🤔 Interestingly, it is much more common for the 'stable' areas to get injured than the 'mobile' areas – knees, lower back and neck.But the mobile areas, the areas with high rotational capacity, lose correct movement patterns more easily. The mobile areas are much more complex with significant ranges of movement, so it's easier for them to go wrong, such as thoracics, hips, and feet. We could put shoulders in there too. ❓Question: Which is the area of your body that you have had the most problems with? ... See MoreSee Less
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