8 Weeks; Partial Paralysis to Pain-Free

8 Weeks; Partial Paralysis to Pain-Free

There is nothing like an operation to focus the mind. Last year a recurring bulging disc caused my leg to become partially paralyzed.  For 8 months I was virtually bed bound – I couldn’t walk, stand, sit or even sleep. By November 2020 my neurosurgeon felt that things were so bad I needed an emergency operation. I decided I had no other choice.  But, COVID delayed it.

Thank goodness!  Because, by Christmas I was able to sit with my family for dinner.

I am not a typical candidate for trying so called “unconventional” treatments. I am an extremely cynical barrister – experience has taught me that if something looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.  But, a friend recommended Foundation Training and I was desperate, so I contacted Mora.

There are many “miracle cures” advertised.  Foundation Training is not a miracle, it is a process, based on sound scientific principles, that has changed my life miraculously.  In my view, Doctors should be aware of Foundation Training and recommend it before procedures with long term consequences.

To my surprise, I felt a noticeable change in my back after one week.  I practiced the exercises religiously and started being able to walk further, sit and stand for longer.  Then, I fell jumping a ditch and, although there was some discomfort, I could feel that my back was more protected.  I kept doing the exercises.  A few weeks later a ladder collapsed underneath me – this time the back was fine.

I am now completely asymptomatic with a full range of movement. To be clear that means I have gone from being days away from an operation, unable to walk, stand, sit and sleep to a full recovery in a couple of months.


by David Lintott (46)

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  • Hema Kamath
    Posted at 17:27h, 07 March

    I fully agree with you, Mr. Lintott. Just before one of my FT classes with Mora, one side of my back was in a lot of pain. This wasn’t my usual lower back issue caused by the wear and tear in my vertebrae, which doesn’t bother me now, thanks to FT. I mentioned this to Mora and she made me do some simple movements and I was pain free within a short while and completely flexible by the end of the class. Can’t thank Mora and FT enough.

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