Online Courses


Online Introductory Course

This course will teach you:

🔹What Foundation Training is
🔹How it works to relieve pain
🔹Why it is different from other methods

This course is run over three weeks (3×90 minute sessions) and is taught by two of our instructors – one instructing and correcting whilst the other demonstrates the exercises.

Each session comprises of both theory and practical work designed to give you a good understanding of the Foundation Training basics.

If you would like to attend one of our online courses please check our upcoming dates on our calendar.

Online Introductory Course Breakdown

  • Week 1

    • Lecture (30 minutes): ‘The Modern Posture Problem’
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): Decompression focused

  • Week 2

    • Lecture (30 minutes): ‘Our Connected Body’
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): Hip hinge focused

  • Week 3

    • Lecture (30 minutes): ‘Applying Foundation Training to Everyday life’
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): Integration focused


Online Improvers Course

This course is for those who have already learned and practiced the basics and are looking to delve deeper into the science and anatomy behind Foundation Training. The layout of this course is similar to that on the Introductory Course with each session comprising of a 30 minute lecture and 60 minutes of practical work. The practical sections will take you into the more advanced exercises and deeper into the specifics of the main principles so that you can get the most out of your body and Foundation Training practice.

If you would like to attend an online course please check out calendar for upcoming dates.

Online Improvers Course Breakdown

  • Week 1

    • Lecture (30 minutes): The Importance of Space
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): How to create space effectively

  • Week 2

    • Lecture (30 minutes): The Anatomy of Rotation
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): Building rotational coordination and strength

  • Week 3

    • Lecture (30 minutes): Our Modern Feet
    • Practical Tuition (1 hour): Integrating and connecting the feet

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“I loved the course! I learnt a huge amount and I certainly want to continue with more classes going forward – maybe even learn to teach Foundation Training myself. Mora and Kat are extremely friendly, professional, work very well together and have a wonderful way of teaching” – Marita (Yoga teacher)

Thank you for the course and instruction. I really can’t compliment you both enough, it exceeded my expectations. It was hugely informative, engaging and extremely well run. The balance of theory and practical was perfect – I’ll be back for more lessons for sure.” – Mark

“I first came across Foundation Training Instructors UK when Dr Rangan Chatterjee posted about his session with Mora. The Online Introductory Course was the perfect introduction to Foundation Training and I would recommend it to anyone. Regardless of your background in exercise and anatomy the theory and practical elements of the course are easy to understand and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. It was wonderful to have both Mora and Kat running the sessions so we had clear instruction and demonstration at the same time.”
– Heather