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“I first came across Foundation Training Instructors UK when Dr Rangan Chatterjee posted about his session with Mora. The Online Introductory Course was the perfect introduction to Foundation Training and I would recommend it to anyone. Regardless of your background in exercise and anatomy the theory and practical elements of the course are easy to understand and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Each session comprised of a short lecture on the technical elements of the movements so we could understand why we were doing each one and then time to learn to do the exercises with clear instructions. It was wonderful to have both Mora and Kat running the sessions so we had clear instruction and demonstration at the same time.”

Carole King

“Having suffered from severe neck pain for many months and tried chiropractors and many other therapists I started foundation training with Mora. After the first session I had the best nights sleep for months. As the weeks went by the effects were amazing. I no longer feel any neck pain which is remarkable as I cannot begin to tell you how bad it was – I was regularly in agony with shooting pains throughout my entire body. I challenge everyone to give Foundation Training a try and find out how much of a difference it can make. Mora is extremely knowledgeable and patient. This training can be challenging but the rewards for me were pretty much instant and dramatically improved my life.”

Jane Stephen

“Foundation Training has completely changed my life.  I cannot express my gratitude to Mora for her expert tuition and for all her help.  My personal story is all too common, working long hours at a desk-based job suffering with an achy back but just putting up with it until the inevitable happened – I suffered a really bad disk bulge (L4-L5).  I honestly thought “This is it, I am never going to pain free again, every movement hurts and this is going to be life until the day I die”.  Wrong.


My chiropractor recommended I went to see Mora and over time she helped to actually pull my body out of pain.  I know this sounds crazy but it is true.  My flexibility has improved so much and I am almost 100% pain free and this is because of Foundation Training and Mora.  I am not from a medical background and I have never studied the human body so I have no idea how Foundation Training works but I can tell you it just does.   I am thinking about doing the certification course so that I can understand more about this “black magic”! If you are reading this having had a spinal injury or with an achy back, please, please, please try Foundation Training because it will work.  You have nothing to lose except the pain!”

Steven Cuthbert – PE Teacher

“I first stumbled across Foundation Training looking for a solution to my chronic back pain. I was a fit and active 31 year old who loved Swimming and Waterpolo. However, the aches and pains of previous injuries and poor posture left me wondering how much longer I could keep training for and also feeling pretty down about myself. It would be a guessing game as to which part of my body would hurt when I woke up and I did not look forward to teaching pupils PE all day.


At my first session Mora was fantastic at assessing me and after listening to a long list of injuries she could tell straight away Foundation Training would help me. After a matter of weeks my back pain was gone and I can safely say that it hasn’t returned (my first session was in July 2016). Regular Foundation Training has improved my posture, made me more aware of how my body moves, my neck and shoulder pain have disappeared and it has made me feel stronger and fitter than ever in both everyday life and in sport. Mora is a fantastic teacher and her sessions are fun and challenging, she explains each exercise in such simple detail making them easy to understand whether you’re a beginner or someone who visits regularly like me. I would recommend Foundation Training to anyone who wants to get rid of chronic pain or improve their sporting performance. It has taught me how to move with confidence. It truly is life changing.”

George Wimpenny

“I am a very keen cyclist training around 300km per week.  Before I started Foundation Training I was consistently getting pain in my lower back after a few hours riding due to a recurring bulging disc. I was often very tight and stiff after a weeks training and was having to reduce my capacity. I heard about Foundation Training through a friend and contacted Mora.  The results were almost instant and since starting I have seen huge improvements in both my posture and in my cycling. I never get back pain anymore and after only 3 weeks practicing Foundation Training I completed a 12 1/2 hour 300km cycle with no back pain.


I have noticed my legs becoming more powerful resulting in major time improvements during hill climbs and I feel a big improvement in my cardiovascular fitness from learning to expand my rib cage during the breathing exercises, allowing increased oxygen uptake.  Within one week my posture changed dramatically – I now stand much taller with an open chest and my head over my shoulders instead of hanging forward – and I have seen huge improvements in my flexibility (especially my hamstrings) meaning the post training stiffness and tightness is pretty much gone.


Mora is a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor who has helped me gain a new understanding of my body and how it works and moves correctly to avoid injury and maximise potential.  I cannot recommend this enough to everyone and especially to any budding cyclist looking to improve performance and enjoyment on and off the bike.  For any athlete, adding Foundation Training into your weekly program will allow you to train harder without pain or injury and therefor get the most out of your body.”

Chris Johnstone

“I was introduced to Foundation Training by Kat and decided to head along to her beginners class. I’ve suffered multiple injuries over the years which include a compression fracture of my L1 and a spiral fracture of my Tibia, all through skiing. I’ve tried physio over the years but I still felt out of balance and had ongoing back and knee pain. This was not helped by being a keen cyclist, continuing to ski and working at a desk. I went to Kat’s session with an open mind to something that might work, it all seemed to make sense to me. I’m pleased to say that within a few sessions and some practice at home the effects were profound! I have now been practicing FT for 3 months and I have NO back pain and my knee and hip stability has improved dramatically. I would seriously recommend FT to anyone with similar symptoms to mine or if you want something different to the usual yoga/Pilates. Nothing is a quick fix and not all pain relief will be instant but with regular practice you can get there. Treat the source of the problem not the symptom.”

Kenny Anderson

“I attended a 6 week introduction to Foundation Training run by Kat in Westhill. There was wide age range of men and woman attending and Kat took time to understand the needs of everyone on the course in a really friendly and highly professional way. The course covered a wide range of exercises and was supported by written material. Kat has a fantastic manner and is a superb communicator. Her enthusiasm and encouragement is excellent and she managed to speak to everyone on the course on a one to one basis throughout the classes. I can’t recommend Kat’s work highly enough”

Pirkko Lindholm

“Menopause brought me many surprises and one of them was pain; neck pain, knee pain, generalised pain all over the body. On a course of years, I had different treatments; acupuncture, physio therapy, massage therapy and from the doctors what the doctor’s do best – prescribing analgesia. At one point I had Paracetamol and Ibuprofen; I was extremely tired, couldn’t lift my right arm to brush my hair or close my bra, digestion wasn’t good and life appeared downwards spiral – I was despondent.

Once again I had sought help from my trusted massage therapist. At the end of the session she recommended Foundation exercises. In December 2017, somewhat apprehensively I signed up for trial sessions with Kat. 

By April 2018, I didn’t need analgesia and I felt enormously different in my body; my mood had changed, I started gaining more flexibility in my body, found new muscles, posture has improved and  I don’t eat analgesia and I can close my bra. 

Foundation is one of the BEST things I have discovered in my adult life. Kat is inspirational, caring, enthusiastic tutor and her positivity is contagious. 

Soon retiring nurse – life is good!”

Luke Fisher

“I started Foundation Training this year, having met Mora and the FT Instructors at the Edinburgh Well Being Festival. I went to their half day workshop, a highly recommended and great value introduction, and have been going to 1:1 sessions with Mora since. Mora is just brilliant, a dedicated and highly skilled instructor who carefully guides you through the concepts and movements with a tailored individual approach. She is passionate about a specialism that I know has changed her life, whilst continuing her learning and remaining open to new ideas and concepts. Helpfully, she is also just a really great person to spend time with! I am early on in the FT journey, but with her help feel like I am finally taking control of 20 years of back problems. I can’t recommend working with Mora or any of her FT Instructor colleagues highly enough, you will definitely feel the benefit!”


I spoke to a neighbour one day about how I had been struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain over a few years. I had been seeing a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and getting sports massages, searching for a pain free life.


This particular week I had suffered my second neck and shoulder spasm within 6 months of each other. I was in pain, frustrated and couldn’t see a way out. She gave me a little insight to Foundation Training and how it had helped her. I went home and cried. Could this really be something that would free me of these continuous niggles, pain and joint stiffness?


I have always been active. I enjoyed jogging, fitness classes, yoga and running about with my children and mindees. This was always my way of destressing, clearing my mind and blowing the cobwebs away. A mother to 3 and a childminder by profession, I was struggling to keep myself fit and well, physically and mentally. But I couldn’t maintain this activity because I kept injuring myself. I was lost and felt trapped in my own stiff painful body.


I’m nearly a year into my Foundation Training journey. This has been the only thing I have been able to maintain and I cannot express how grateful I am to Mora for her teaching and guidance. I have had one instance so far this year where my neck took a spasm. A little message to Mora and she gave me some positions to try. Instant relief! I would never have considered taking a class being in this much pain, however, Foundation Training was what gave me relief and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to help my body recover. And this is the empowering feeling this training and education gives you. I can now take back control, by moving the right way and by strengthening my body to handle my busy life.

Murat Kece

“I go to the gym for regular aerobic exercises. This however does not help with core strength, back/shoulder pain, joint flexibility, posture, balance and also cramps etc. So I started doing Foundation Training which has helped enormously. I now am much more flexible and my joint and pack pains have disappeared.  I think FT and Mora have been an eye opener for me, I strongly recommend it to anyone.  In my view FT is a must for everyone alongside cardio work.  Thanks Mora for your great work and support.”

Billie Dailly – Personal Trainer

“I’ve been on many workshops and courses before but this one was the most eye opening one I have ever done.  Being out if my comfort zone is always something that I actually enjoy as this means I am learning something new.  Can honestly say that I will be taking this further as part of my own business and can’t wait to sink myself into the book now. Never stop learning.”

Steve Campbell

“Through manual work I have suffered from stiff and aching shoulders for thirty years plus. I had tried various exercise regimes in the past to alleviate this to little or no avail. After a few months of foundation training it suddenly dawned on me one day that the pain was no longer there. Thanks Mora!”

Kenny Hood

 “For 5 years, following an accident where I fractured L4, I suffered from continual back pain and regular spasms which could floor me.


Since starting practicing foundation training 6 months ago my back has become stronger and is now virtually pain free with no regular spasms.  I can sit and drive long distances without getting the pain and stiffness I used to suffer, my hamstring and lower back flexibility has greatly improved as has my posture.


I am a keen cyclist and this year have noted much improved leg strength with big improvements in my sportive times – all with no back pain!


Mora is very knowledgeable, rightly passionate about foundation training, and excellent at demonstrating and keeping your form correct.”

Ben Leonard

“I’ve had back problems since I was a teenager. These problems have at times stopped me doing the sports and activities I enjoy. Since starting foundation training with Mora my back has become stronger and more resilient, and my back, hip and shoulder pain is much more manageable. Foundation has given me a set of tools to strengthen my body so that I can do the things I want to do. Mora’s classes are really enjoyable and challenging and her knowledge of how and why foundation works is superb. Give Mora’s classes a go!”

Zoe Fuller

“Where to start? I am almost completely free from back, hip, gluteal, thigh & calf pain now. Any twinges that I get are due to me not practicing enough between classes. FT really has transformed my life, I am doing activities that I haven’t been able to do for years and spending much less of my leisure time sitting on the sofa! My trainer says my horse riding position has improved, I am hill walking and doing heavy gardening with no problems. I still have issues with my shoulders but that’s a work in progress. I also have not been to any form of therapy (chiro etc) since I started FT. I used to go regularly every 2 months or more often when I had a flair up.


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to train in FT and bringing it to Scotland. Please don’t stop or move away!!!!”

Ellen Gutjahr

“Unable to walk up-hill anymore and being in constant pain within my hips, shoulders and back led me to try Foundation Training.  Mora has guided me through these simple exercises and I am now able to walk and work pain free! Thank you Mora! You have not only taught me to breathe properly but you have invited me into a whole new world of body awareness and enjoying movement without pain! Thank you for letting me know how rewarding these short daily sessions are! I couldn’t be without them!”

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Morag Cole

“Frustration with conventional ‘after the injury’ treatments for back pain led me to try Foundation Training.  After only a few training sessions I felt the benefit and was able to return to running which for a time I had  thought impossible.  It is brilliant to have found a positive, constructive and preventative exercise for my back pain.”

Tom Webster

“I started Foundation Training with Mora after struggling to get back to activity following a hip replacement. My back had a noticeable imbalance, movement was limited and I was often in pain. The improvement in a short space of time using Foundation Training has been amazing. My back has strengthened, my flexibility and posture have dramatically improved and the pain has completely gone! It has actually been a revelation for me!”

Heather Knowles

“I’ve gained so much from being a client of Mora. She’s transformed my body and increased my expectations of what’s possible. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to bring positive changes into their life. She is very personable and brings out the best in people, obtaining excellent results in her work.”

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