Workshop 2

Foundation Training Workshops

Foundation Training Instructors Scotland are holding workshops in various locations around Scotland. The workshops cover eight of the basic exercises as well as the principles and theory behind Foundation Training. The workshops are ideal for people of any age and ability looking to improve their understanding of Foundation Training and/or begin their journey to a strong, self-maintained, pain-free body. If you would like us to come and hold a workshop or taster session in your area please do get in touch.  Equipment and introductory booklet are provided.


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“I’ve been on many workshops and courses before but this one was the most eye opening one I have ever done.  Being out if my comfort zone is always something that I actually enjoy as this means I am learning something new.  Can honestly say that I will be taking this further as part of my own business and can’t wait to sink myself into the book now. Never stop learning.” – Billie Dailly – Personal Trainer

“Absolutely loved the workshop, super informative and interesting!”  – Lois – Fitness Instructor

“Lovely ladies, thank you soooo much for giving such an amazing workshop this morning…You girls are like little little rays of Foundation sunlight! I just love it!” – Jane

“I can’t believe how much I learnt and the intensity of the workouts without high impact or fast movement” – Joanne