Meet the Team

Hi, we are Foundation Training Instructors Scotland, read more about us and our journeys below.


Having always been fascinated by the human body and having struggling personally with lower back pain, sciatica and shoulder tension throughout my teenage years and early twenties, my professional career was always going to be something in the physical therapy sector.


I studied Applied Sport Science at the University of Edinburgh where I graduated with a First Class Honours degree.  Throughout my university degree I was particular interested in posture and balance for injury prevention and I specialised in biomechanics. Following on from my degree I worked as a Personal Trainer for a couple of years where it was a recurrent frustration of mine that so many people (including myself!) presented with back problems that were so hard to resolve.  This led me to discover Foundation Training and the work of Dr. Eric Goodman.


When I started researching and practicing Foundation Training I was immediately hooked.  I felt the benefits almost instantly and have since watched my body strengthen, tone and become more flexible than it has ever been.  Having struggled with pain, tightness and regular injury for years this seemed like a miracle to me, I was able to run and play sports freely without worrying that I was going to get injured any second and what’s more it all made so much sense!  My body had been out of balance all along and Foundation Training was the answer – I was hooked!

In October 2015 I completed the instructor Certification in New York which in many ways changed my life.  It was an incredible experience, the team were inspiring and it took my understanding of the human body’s anatomy and movement to a whole new level.


I was the first Foundation Training Instructor in Scotland and I have been teaching it full time ever since.  I am delighted to now have Kat and Isla here too to spread the word further and help as many people as we can people pull themselves out of pain, find new strength and get the most out of their bodies. It is the best and most rewarding job in the world!


  • BSc (First Class Hons) in Applied Sports Science (Edinburgh University, 2012)
  • Foundation Training Certificate (October 2015)
  • Level 3 Personal Training (Fitness Education Academy, 2014)
  • Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Instructor (Premier Training, 2015)
  • Level 1 Strength and Conditioning (KBT, 2015)


At the age of 19 I had horrific knee injuries, snapping both my ACLs (Anterior Cruciate Ligaments). Choosing not to go for surgical reconstruction I worked with physios and many other movement therapists to try to regain stability and strength. Even though this is the recommended route for ACL rehabilitation, I was unable to build enough stability to return to my previously active lifestyle. I now saw myself as an injured person who would always have limits.


After returning from her certification in October 2015, Mora introduced me to Foundation Training. Initially it didn’t occur to me that this would be any different from the other movement therapies I had already tried, but as it interested me I practiced regularly with Mora. Quite quickly I realised that I was becoming more stable and stronger than I had been in years. I began to run again and the limits I had, became less and less as my confidence grew with my body and its ability to support itself.  My biggest achievement was that in March 2017 I finally returned to skiing which was something I was told I would never be strong enough to do again.


Having been through this long journey, I wanted to be able to help others do the same, so in September 2017 I travelled to Santa Barbara to complete the instructor certification. As a qualified nurse, I have a background in anatomy and physiology but with the help of Foundation Training and the amazing team, I now understand the body in a whole new light. Now I am loving every minute sharing this work with great clients by aiding them to become stronger, more stable, more confident and enjoy finding new potential every day.


Since then however I have had to opt for reconstruction surgery on my left knee due to accidental injury. Returning from injury is always a long process but with my previous experience and new found knowledge, I have managed to rehabilitate using Foundation Training. Surgery disrupts the body and it has been a fascinating process to use this method to build back to full strength whilst keeping the body balanced and pain free. Foundation Training, for me, has been a gateway to taking control of injury and has given me the perfect rehabilitation to bring myself back to full strength and ability. Despite having endured these injuries and having to rehabilitate multiple times, I can confidently say that Foundation Training has been the essential tool to not just recover but get back to my active lifestyle!


  • BN Adult Nursing (Robert Gordon’s University, September 2016)
  • Foundation Training Certification (September 2017)


From a young age dance was a big part of my life and I went on to train professionally at one of the UK’s leading Contemporary Dance School’s, graduating in 2011.


I struggled with chronic injury throughout my training and even though my passion turned from dance to the gym in the years following, my injury still prevented me from getting where I wanted.


Despite my body awareness built from dance training and multiple weekly visits to numerous different therapists, I still spent years feeling trapped and restricted by the injury and continuous pain I was unable to shift.


When my twin sister, Mora, returned from the Foundation Training Certificate course in late 2015 we really felt that this may finally be a tool to help me.


I worked hard with Foundation Training but still came up against many obstacles due to deeply engrained patterns of movement from dance. This whole process taught me a huge amount about myself and my body and I felt reassured by the steps forward I was finally beginning to take.


I am now fully confident in the benefit of Foundation Training and my belief and love for it continues to grow.


I travelled to New York in October 2017 to complete my Certification, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now working alongside Mora and Kat as one of three Foundation Training Instructors in Scotland.


I have a real interest in exploring how Foundation Training can positively influence our mental health as well as our physical. This is a keen interest of mine and I look forward to seeing how this angle progresses.


I cherish the opportunity to work with clients from all different walks of life. I look to bring my own experience and knowledge to each session whilst remaining open and keen to learn from each new participant. I aim to help each client uncover further potential, improve their overall wellbeing, find tools to control and address pain, and transform the way they live, move and train!


  • BPA (Hons) Contemporary Dance Performance (Northern School of Contemporary Dance – 2011)
  • PG (Dip) Counselling Skills (Strathclyde University – 2014)
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion (Copenhagen – 2017)
  • Certified Foundation Training Instructor (Foundation Training Certification, New York – 2017)
  • Level 2 Personal Training Qualification (PT Academy – 2018)